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About robinia

Sustainable through Quality

robinia GmbH, based in Darmstadt, Germany, is a provider of innovative and high-quality energy storage products. We offer technically perfected components for all aspects of your energy supply, which combine to form an intelligent overall concept.

At robinia, we firmly believe that the energy transition can only succeed with high-quality products. We are tirelessly pushing the boundaries of technical perfection and solid quality, down to the smallest detail.

We are a team of technicians, craftsmen and engineers who come up with new ideas more often in the cellar than in the conference room, eating and thinking together while tinkering. Like our namesake, the robinia tree, we are robust and at the same time sensitive, durable and yet adaptable. For us, the needs of our customers are our starting point, our goal and our best teacher.

Our vision is to make you, the world and ourselves truly independent with clean and affordable energy.